Wednesday, February 25, 2015

8 & 9 month

The time has flown by! Wasn't she just born?
At 8 months old she was crawling- now at 9 months old she's everywhere- into everything. And cruising. Pulling herself up and moving from furniture to furniture. She'll do a few seconds of standing by herself, but then she sits down. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.
We had about 10 days in January when we had a 7 year old and a 7 month old. 
That was neat. From Jan. 10 - Jan. 20th.

She's smaller than most of her peers, and that's okay. Hubby says she's just perfect. 
As long as she's healthy- does she need to be chunky? Nope.
She likes to be active. Constantly moving, getting into stuff. Super active at 9pm- but even when I was pregnant with her that's when she was kicking hard or having the hiccups! We go to bed around 9:30pm, and she'll come with us then because I know she's had other naps throughout the day.
She's been better about sleeping through the night! Yay! 
Once at 5:30am or even 6am is way better than 3:30 in the morning!

It's not my imagination- this girl has grown! She's moved up to 6 month clothing! It seems like she was in her 3-6 month clothes FOREVER! more cute clothes! Yates said ! I don't think we are ready to move up one more step,yet. But like I was telling another mom friend of mine- every clothing manufacturer is different- some run small, some run huge! I wish they could figure out a standard way of measuring- this is 2015- you'd think they would be able to do that by now! Even women's clothing is all over the map. Why do men get it so easy? 34 waist, 36 height. Easy. But how would you measure a baby like that??
Every baby is different.
She's babbling now: first word was definitely "daddy" second word was "kitty". It's never "mommy" I know it'll come.

I give her 2 months- and she'll be walking. 
I can picture her and her brother running circles around the inside of our house chasing each other. 
My brother and I did that when we were young. 
She'll be walking before her 1st birthday.

What she thought of me taking her photo for 8 months old. 

Growing up way to fast. I forgot how quickly the first year goes by. My sons prayer at every family dinner: 
thank you for the food, thank you for Caroline, I just love her so much.
Sweet boy, I will need to record that and play it back to you when you are fighting with your sister. 
There will be fights. I'm positive, because I'm a mom.

Tell me what you really think, baby girl. 

Taking photos of her and I together

Things she likes/loves: daddy, kitty, mommy, brother, baby food bananas,baby food peas, bottle, puffs, pacifier (that might be hard to break her of), getting into stuff that's not hers!
Things she dislikes: holding still for diaper changes, going into her car seat- although once she's in it, she's usually fine- as long as she's moving! Baby food pears, any mixed foods together, baby food meats (have you smelled that stuff?ugh). Being in her playpen (confinement).

Cruising along furniture, with Save Ottuwma's weekly Post close by. 

Baby wearing at the Soup Cook-Off at my child's school. 

Things she's going to experience in the next month: first airplane ride, first time in the ocean, first time in Florida, first time swimming in a pool- she's been swimming before, but she was really little this summer and wasn't sure of what to do- she really likes splashing in the bathtub, so it should be fun for her now!

9 months? How can this girl be 9 months old already?!? 

We will leave Iowa with a 9 month old and come back with a 10 month old! 
Crazy how in just a few months I'll be planning her 1 year old birthday party!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Party!

So on January 10th my son turned 7. 

Hard to believe. Time flies when you are having fun! 

He's 7, so he loves Legos, Animals, his baby sister, and his mom and dad - and of course Jesus. 
He loves his Legos. Although his Lego table will soon have to move to his room! 
 The invite was simple. Duplicated and cut in half card stock. 

Grandma Shirley and baby sister taking it all in. 

He loves the snow, so he wanted a snow party. Keep in mind the several years that he has had a birthday themed party there has been little to no snow on the ground. Yes, I know we live in Iowa. Yes, I know he was born in January. He was born in an Ice Storm! 

Snow Party it is: 
The question is, how do you plan a Snow Party for a boy that isn't everything Frozen themed? 

Here's what we did: 
Craft: Made Snow Globes (it's helpful to have a baby who eats baby food)

The birthday boy and his snowman!

Do you want to build a snowman?
A few years back I helped plan a bridal shower for my sister-in-law and someone found this toilet paper that doesn't tear at the dollar store. I saved it. Perfect for a fun activity like this with the kids. They got to wrap up their friend - and everyone got some energy out! 

Thanks to Hy-Vee for having this cupcake tree!
Not everything is Anna and Elsa! (They are on the other side)
How to make your own Pom-Poms for the ultimate Snowball fight! 

Hubby got into the games!
One game we played was: Snowman Slam - used with the Pom-Poms I made ahead of time

Snowman Slam game - my 7 year old is pretty creative!
This is something he could and did help with!

Food and Snack: Snowman Dessert Dip - served with pretzel sticks of course. 

Snowblower Game - which wasn't as successful as I thought it would be. 
But you don't know until you try it! 

Snowblower game

Food: The local donut shop advertised these Olaf donuts the actual day of his birthday - I ran down and told them I wanted a dozen. They said, "Oh, is the party today?" I said "Nope it's tomorrow." They said, "Oh, you want them fresh!" Done and adorable. They were a big hit! 

He got a free Snowman donut on his birthday from the local donut shop! Love that place!
I was going to make cool blue hot chocolate, but found out I couldn't do that just half an hour before the party was supposed to start, so blue Powerade it was! 

It even snowed when we were having the snow party.
Big Flakes. How did I do that? I shook a snow globe, that's how! 

Follow my Parties board on Pinterest. I always have fun looking for ideas and I don't always end up doing everything I pin, but it's fun and before the party is always super stressful, but somehow it all works out. My ideal party would be well behaved children doing exactly what they are supposed to do. But after several years of doing this- that isn't the reality. Kids need to be kids. They need to be crazy, run around, have fun and growl at each other - yes, they actually did this! 

Got all the kids to throw their snowballs at me! 

Picking up from the best indoor snowball fight ever! 

This is the best photo I have of him looking at me. *sigh* He is 7 now. 
All the kids - best photo - with the snow in the background! 
It was fun, crazy and I hope everyone had a fun time. I was exhausted when I got home of course - but it was all worth it! Will I plan another one? I'm not sure. He'll be 8 next year. The next birthday party I will plan will be little girls, and since it's her first birthday it will be pretty low-key.

Happy New Year! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

7 months!

Hard to believe my little girl is 7 months old already! 

She's developing her little personality and she loves her baby food and because she's weighing in at only 13lbs. 14oz. and not tipping the scales yet at even 14 lbs. the doctor is having us supplement with formula after nursing her. 

Here is big brother being a big help by giving her a bottle. 
Although she doesn't really need the help, because she can hold the bottle by herself. 

She is a sweet pea. Here she is on Christmas Eve.
Wearing the same headband as for her 5 month photos. 
Her head has gotten bigger! 

She is just a few weeks from crawling! By the time she turns 8 months she will 
be for sure all over my house crawling! 

More Christmas photos to come - it was a fun 1st Christmas for her and she's so
blessed to have many people who love her so much! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

6 months old

Somebody's sitting up all by herself! 

Somebody was tired. 

Oh the socks! Why do I even put them on?!?!?!? 

We were able to spend a few days with my parents for Thanksgiving. 

She loves her daddy! 

With my brother's retired show dog- Summit. 

When you forget the Bumbo - you use a wrap! 

When you have to work on a Saturday - you wrap! Good thing it was a nice day out! 

When you have to bring the clean clothes up from the basement - the baby gets a ride! 

When Santa and Mrs. Clause comes to town! 

At 6 months: She's starting to try to pull herself up, starting to reach for toys and then being on all fours - no rocking yet, but soon. 
She's enjoying her solid food and we've even moved onto fruits. 
She loves to smile and is a happy little girl- and as I'm writing this she's crying! 

She's growing up fast and it's hard to believe that in another 6 months she will be 1 year old already! 

Merry Christmas! 

5 months old

Getting bigger.

Almost sitting up by herself. 

She now fits into the onsie I bought her brother, when he was a baby! 
Family photos from Happy Day Photos! 

Look who has a tickle spot! 

Someone loves her monkey! 

By far the best photo of my two kids (so far).Taken by Happy Day Photos

Someone found her toes! 

Even though this post is a month and a half late - it's still fun to know: 
She's tried and liked some of her first solid foods. 
She loves her big brother and he loves her. 
There are things that she does for him that she won't do with mom and dad, 
and I think that's really special.