Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Party!

So on January 10th my son turned 7. 

Hard to believe. Time flies when you are having fun! 

He's 7, so he loves Legos, Animals, his baby sister, and his mom and dad - and of course Jesus. 
He loves his Legos. Although his Lego table will soon have to move to his room! 
 The invite was simple. Duplicated and cut in half card stock. 

Grandma Shirley and baby sister taking it all in. 

He loves the snow, so he wanted a snow party. Keep in mind the several years that he has had a birthday themed party there has been little to no snow on the ground. Yes, I know we live in Iowa. Yes, I know he was born in January. He was born in an Ice Storm! 

Snow Party it is: 
The question is, how do you plan a Snow Party for a boy that isn't everything Frozen themed? 

Here's what we did: 
Craft: Made Snow Globes (it's helpful to have a baby who eats baby food)

The birthday boy and his snowman!

Do you want to build a snowman?
A few years back I helped plan a bridal shower for my sister-in-law and someone found this toilet paper that doesn't tear at the dollar store. I saved it. Perfect for a fun activity like this with the kids. They got to wrap up their friend - and everyone got some energy out! 

Thanks to Hy-Vee for having this cupcake tree!
Not everything is Anna and Elsa! (They are on the other side)
How to make your own Pom-Poms for the ultimate Snowball fight! 

Hubby got into the games!
One game we played was: Snowman Slam - used with the Pom-Poms I made ahead of time

Snowman Slam game - my 7 year old is pretty creative!
This is something he could and did help with!

Food and Snack: Snowman Dessert Dip - served with pretzel sticks of course. 

Snowblower Game - which wasn't as successful as I thought it would be. 
But you don't know until you try it! 

Snowblower game

Food: The local donut shop advertised these Olaf donuts the actual day of his birthday - I ran down and told them I wanted a dozen. They said, "Oh, is the party today?" I said "Nope it's tomorrow." They said, "Oh, you want them fresh!" Done and adorable. They were a big hit! 

He got a free Snowman donut on his birthday from the local donut shop! Love that place!
I was going to make cool blue hot chocolate, but found out I couldn't do that just half an hour before the party was supposed to start, so blue Powerade it was! 

It even snowed when we were having the snow party.
Big Flakes. How did I do that? I shook a snow globe, that's how! 

Follow my Parties board on Pinterest. I always have fun looking for ideas and I don't always end up doing everything I pin, but it's fun and before the party is always super stressful, but somehow it all works out. My ideal party would be well behaved children doing exactly what they are supposed to do. But after several years of doing this- that isn't the reality. Kids need to be kids. They need to be crazy, run around, have fun and growl at each other - yes, they actually did this! 

Got all the kids to throw their snowballs at me! 

Picking up from the best indoor snowball fight ever! 

This is the best photo I have of him looking at me. *sigh* He is 7 now. 
All the kids - best photo - with the snow in the background! 
It was fun, crazy and I hope everyone had a fun time. I was exhausted when I got home of course - but it was all worth it! Will I plan another one? I'm not sure. He'll be 8 next year. The next birthday party I will plan will be little girls, and since it's her first birthday it will be pretty low-key.

Happy New Year! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

7 months!

Hard to believe my little girl is 7 months old already! 

She's developing her little personality and she loves her baby food and because she's weighing in at only 13lbs. 14oz. and not tipping the scales yet at even 14 lbs. the doctor is having us supplement with formula after nursing her. 

Here is big brother being a big help by giving her a bottle. 
Although she doesn't really need the help, because she can hold the bottle by herself. 

She is a sweet pea. Here she is on Christmas Eve.
Wearing the same headband as for her 5 month photos. 
Her head has gotten bigger! 

She is just a few weeks from crawling! By the time she turns 8 months she will 
be for sure all over my house crawling! 

More Christmas photos to come - it was a fun 1st Christmas for her and she's so
blessed to have many people who love her so much! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

6 months old

Somebody's sitting up all by herself! 

Somebody was tired. 

Oh the socks! Why do I even put them on?!?!?!? 

We were able to spend a few days with my parents for Thanksgiving. 

She loves her daddy! 

With my brother's retired show dog- Summit. 

When you forget the Bumbo - you use a wrap! 

When you have to work on a Saturday - you wrap! Good thing it was a nice day out! 

When you have to bring the clean clothes up from the basement - the baby gets a ride! 

When Santa and Mrs. Clause comes to town! 

At 6 months: She's starting to try to pull herself up, starting to reach for toys and then being on all fours - no rocking yet, but soon. 
She's enjoying her solid food and we've even moved onto fruits. 
She loves to smile and is a happy little girl- and as I'm writing this she's crying! 

She's growing up fast and it's hard to believe that in another 6 months she will be 1 year old already! 

Merry Christmas! 

5 months old

Getting bigger.

Almost sitting up by herself. 

She now fits into the onsie I bought her brother, when he was a baby! 
Family photos from Happy Day Photos! 

Look who has a tickle spot! 

Someone loves her monkey! 

By far the best photo of my two kids (so far).Taken by Happy Day Photos

Someone found her toes! 

Even though this post is a month and a half late - it's still fun to know: 
She's tried and liked some of her first solid foods. 
She loves her big brother and he loves her. 
There are things that she does for him that she won't do with mom and dad, 
and I think that's really special. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

4 months old

Look who's growing! 

At 4 months: She can roll over both ways (front to back and back to front) - but only rolls over to her left, she loves to smile, she's starting to giggle. She loves her big brother, although mom and dad don't like it when he's in her face all the time. She's an 'assisted' sitter now, and if you are a mom, you know that means solid foods! She had her first taste of cereal this morning, given by daddy. She kept wanting more! 
Here she is, eating cereal for the first time! 

She loves to take cat naps - about half hour naps throughout the day. Which is fine with mommy, as I'm still lucky enough to be able to take her to work with me (for now). Not sure how much longer that will last, but the gals in the office enjoy her and miss her when she's not there (on my days off). 

Sometimes you just need a flower on your head! 
Oh those cheeks - and everyone loves her big eyes! 
She weighed 12 lbs 7oz - so she is now double her birth weight of 5 lbs. 9 oz! 
Still loves breast milk. Hubby fed her a little bit of formula once and then she was still hungry (because the formula wasn't very much, only like 2 oz. in a pre-made bottle) so I fed her some, and when she burped guess what came up? You guessed it, the formula. Weird, but true. Breast is best! 

Here are both my kids on the front porch one afternoon. 
Someday I'll even get them to both look at the camera at the same time! 

Just 3 months old here - so tiny. Taken after her surgery. 

Two months old, and super tiny- this was taken before her surgery. 

It's fun to see how she's growing - and in all my 'monthly' photos I'm keeping the same pillow and this time (her 4 month photo) she actually was trying to sit up. She hasn't got that down yet, but soon. She is rocking the lifting her head up thing and reaching for toys has now become a daily occurrence. She loves to talk and now that she has started, we are afraid we won't get her to be quite ever again! She's the sweetest baby, and she loves to suck on her hands and is usually attempting to get her whole hand in her mouth. 
She likes it when mommy wears her - there's a local baby wearing group I'm a part of that meets monthly. I recently bought a $50 table cloth and cut in half lengthwise. Am I crazy? Maybe a little bit, but she loves the sling that I have made out of it. Now I need to figure out what I want to do with the other half of the table cloth! 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Car Problems

My car is my lifeline. It's what gets me around, my kids around. It's the thing that takes me to work.
Except it's not currently drivable.

Needs a new: water pump and a whole host of general maintainace things that should have been done a few months ago.

For those of you who might not know, a water pump helps pump water or antifreeze through the engine to keep it from getting to hot. Which is why there is a temperature gauge on your dashboard, and I have been looking at that gauge more than I watch my gas gauge or even my speedometer! Not that I go super fast, especially around town- I'm just more worries about my engine heating up than I am my speed!

Been seeing this side of my car way to much! 

At least there is beauty here. (Sometimes)

I have had the water pump replaced on this same vehicle, about 10 years ago, so I guess it's time.

But when money is as tight as it has been for us since the hubby lost his well-paid position with benefits, you tend to put off things like this, hoping another job will come along. Until you just can't put it off anymore. I am thankful for parents who help us out- probably more than they should. I am thankful for early Christmas presents, and a soon to be fixed car.  Thursday morning at 9am cannot come soon enough!

Not comfortable driving the car around town, especially when the hubby was pouring water into the radiator, and sure enough we looked under the car and it was pouring out almost as fast as he put it in there. Now how to get the car to the dealer on Thursday? The dealer is all the way across town, this might take a miracle. God will provide.

I guess we will be trying to squeeze into the truck for the next few days. I say squeeze because, while it's a 4 door truck, extended cab, it's not a large extended cab. I dislike putting baby girl in the front seat, but what choice do I have? I don't exactly want to be stranded with a baby and a 6 year old, especially if it's hot out, and hubby is usually at work some 60 miles away, and couldn't come rescue us until he was delivering his packages anyway.

The job situation is bleak for hubby, unless he gets a job and we would probably have to move- to a bigger city. With very few friends, and little family. The job he wants- or is qualified for just aren't in this town.

The good news is, I am able to pick up another 2 hours a week at my job. It's a start. Plus my job is downtown, so maybe on Tuesday this week I can take the bus while jinn has the day off, and spends some time with the much neglected 6 year old (or so he thinks).

School starts Wednesday for the 6 year old, so that will be nice on one hand to be able to have him back on some sort of schedule. While he won't like the fact that mom and dad are taking away his iPod- except on weekends, or even after he helps around the house. In first grade he'll have some homework to do possibly, and he doesn't need to be on an electronic device all the time anyway. I think I might have to go back to him earning screen bucks.

Secretly, I almost liked it when our XBOX360 wasn't working- because it seemed like we spent more time together as a family. Playing board games, just hanging out- albeit we were all on out iPods or iPhones.

Can't wait to move to the country, less internet (because it's slower out there) and more time outside.